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Amplified Division via #Fakenews

Works by Citizen Grey


March 8-11, 2018

Preview: March 8, 2018`

VIP Opening Reception: Thursday, March 8, 6pm - 9pm


Exhibition: March 9 - 11, 2018

Art Lovers Networking Breakfast: Friday, March 9, 10am - 12pm + Saturday March 10, 10am - 12pm

Free Public Viewing: Friday, March 9, 12pm - 8pm; Saturday March 10, 12pm - 8pm; Sunday March 11, 12pm - 6pm



335 W35th Street

NY, NY 10001


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Conceived for the sixth edition of CLIO ART FAIR in New York City, Citizen Grey presents Amplified Division via #FakeNews, a solo exhibition of new works. The research based series examines how social media is threatening the fabric of democracy. Looking to the past, the project explores how historical figures, all of whom pre-date Twitter, may have used the platform had it been available to them in their time.


Designed to mimic the layout of a tweet, each work appropriates language from the writings of cultural leaders, innovators, intellectuals and tyrants, while maintaining Twitter’s 280-character format. Their words and catch-phrases are then paired with current events, images, dates and hashtags.  For added effect, each of the digital prints are mounted onto Plexiglas that is meant to resemble the shape and form of a smartphone or a handheld device. Whether it is Sojourner Truth commenting on the death of Eric Garner, or Hitler commenting on the 2017 White Supremacist rally in Virginia, Amplified Division via #FakeNews offers insight into today’s roiling social landscape through the words of historical figures.


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About Citizen Grey

Citizen Grey is an anonymous artist living and working between Brooklyn, NY and Cleveland, OH. By remaining under a cloak of anonymity, the artist maintains a democratic approach to art making, one that is not restrained by race, creed, gender, socioeconomic class, culture or geographical boundaries. As a custodian of ideas, Citizen Grey allows the art to speak for itself through an unbiased lens. Citizen Grey signs all works with a single thumbprint. Follow Citizen Grey on Instagram @citizengrey and online at



CLIO ART FAIR was borne out a need to challenge traditional art market methodologies. Founded by Alessandro Berni in 2014, the fair creates a space for direct dialogue between artists and collectors, artists and curators without the presence of any long-term mediator. Free from the restrictive constraints of the art world, the selected exhibiting artists are encouraged to deviate from traditional art practices by using unique materials and media. By specifically targeting artists without any exclusive NYC gallery representation, CLIO ART FAIR focuses attention on the kinds of contemporary art and interventions that are being created by independent artists all over the world. Adding to the innovative nature of their vision, CLIO ART FAIR is the first art fair to accept the primary crypto-values as a form of payment: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.